Those Things that Are on My Mind at Certain Times

I was looking through some of the old blog posts. I think we’re going to try to fix some formatting issues that happened while moving the posts to the WordPress blog. The way that I was thinking about doing this was to look for potential links from new blog posts to older posts. When I have an older post on my mind, I often will find a way to post to it while I’m writing. I’m not talking every time, and I don’t really try to force anything, but it’s like when I was writing the April Fool’s post, I thought about the “He was dead and/or dreaming the whole time” trope and it called to mind Nathan’s eulogy about their pet hedgehog, and it inspired a way to work it in. If I hadn’t remembered that post, it wouldn’t have happened that way. I figure that going forward when I link to a post that needs to be reformatted, I should do the reformatting. Ideally. No promises.

Icehouse – No Promises

This most recent review of older posts made me realize just how much I will get focused on a train of thought…

a-ha – Train of Thought

The blog posts in a given time frame will usually be about different things, but there will be a theme I keep coming back to. My themes recently has been not relying on the government to save you , and watching out for the rhetoric that they’re using to divide us. Back in 2019, it seemed to be about how fun it was to find new thoughts out of disparate ideas. Yes, there was also the Summertime Funtime stuff, but that was a true theme, not so much something that happened on its own.

 I guess it’s just interesting to me that while all of these themes are recurring throughout the entirety of the blog, there are just times when I seem to be really on about them. Then next thing you know I seem to have forgotten about one thing and moved onto something else for a while.

Reading through Stephen King’s novels over the years, you can see it happening in his novel’s as well. He wrote a lot about different forms of abuse at the hands of people who have lost their minds starting just after “Pet Sematary”…

The Ramones – Pet Sematary

King’s theme started around 1987 with “Misery;” to some extent in 198 with “The Dark Half;” heavily in 1992 with “Gerald’s Game” and “Delores Claiborne;” in 1995 with “Rose Madder;” and again to some extent in 1996 with “Desperation,” which I’m about halfway through. He wrote other stuff in there, but there was this definite theme that kept cropping up.

Anyway, I’m not sure I had much of a post for today. I just wanted to get this thought down while it was fresh.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who may have just gone a very long way around to compare himself to Stephen King. That’s just me being funny though. The truth is that he’s definitely in my Top 10 influences, so I take away a lot more from reading something he wrote than most general entertainment. There are probably worse things to be influenced by.

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