Putting Together Some Jigsaw Puzzles #3

by Chris McGinty

Hello puzzle enthusiasts, and maybe Nathan. I’ve done two other jigsaw puzzle posts so far. Here’s one that has a Disney theme and here’s one that has a Star Wars theme. Today, we’re going to do a little bit more of a hodge podge, but I can barely manage the theme of late 70s and early 80s if I squint really hard and look at it through the blur.

Milton Bradley 100 Piece Cabbage Patch Kids Puzzle from 1984

I can’t say that I’ve ever been a Cabbage Patch Kids fan. I think like many boys of the 80s, I would prefer some Garbage Pail Kids. Talk about parody that became its own thing after a while. I did enjoy this puzzle though. It was at times super easy and at times difficult, which is probably what you really want in a jigsaw puzzle.

If you look in the top left and right corners of this picture, you can see a preview of the next puzzle, as I put them together on the same night. They were in the same bin out at the “Goodwill Bins of Nostagia You Didn’t Even Know You Had.”

This puzzle was from 1984. All I really remember about that time was that the actual dolls were that one kind of Christmas present where people potentially got into physical fights over the last one of a particular doll, or maybe the last doll in the store. I’m going to bet there were never physical fights over any of the jigsaw puzzles though. Maybe we puzzle enthusiasts, and possibly Nathan, aren’t trying hard enough.

Whitman 100 Piece The Incredible Hulk Puzzle from 1979

This was a bit of a disappointment because there was one edge piece missing. I believe this was the only puzzle I actively looked for the missing piece at the bins the next day. I’d gone late enough the day before and was going again the next day relatively early. They hadn’t switched out the row of bins yet, but that missing piece was nowhere to be found. Even though I’ve never really been a fan of the Hulk character, I remember the old Whitman puzzles. I never had this one, but I had a few. I was really into The Pink Panther back then, and I think I bought every one of them that I could find at TG&Y for 99 cents. I really wanted this one to be complete. None of the other puzzles I’ve found out there have had this effect on me. I didn’t take a picture of just the puzzle. My apologies.

Golden 100 Piece He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Puzzle from 1984

See, this one was also missing an edge piece, and I wasn’t all that flipped out about it. Don’t get me wrong, I like it when the puzzles are complete, but generally it doesn’t ruin my day.

According to he-man.org, this puzzle is called “Snake Mountain.” Whether or not that’s an official name or not, I don’t know. I enjoyed putting this one together, but it was a bit difficult for me. It was something about the overall colour scheme that I was having trouble getting it together, but it was still fun.

I don’t know that I’ll always include one of Nathan’s videos from his EggMoss Go! channel on YouTube, but it’s been entertaining to me so far. Here’s what I consider to be one of his best videos, just because it’s silly and fun to watch the action figures fall. Although, I’m not sure that Prince Adam came out of it in very good shape.

Chris McGinty is a blogger and possibly a puzzle enthusiast. It’s very unlikely that he will ever get into a fight over something at a store though. The only thing I could imagine that I wouldn’t just give up for someone else to buy would be something rare and Duran Duran. In that case, don’t make me angry. You’ll end up like Prince Adam.

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