Goodwill Bins Haul 9/16/21

I took some time off work and decided to make a long overdue trip to the Goodwill Bins. It was packed as usual with the usuals and when the feeding frenzy were taking place I was basically left all alone in the whole place. Anyway, here are the goodies I found

  • Spirograph set (2). I pulled the innards out of one set and took the whole box of the other.
  • Sealed Lego wedding set: UPDATE: sold for $19.90
  • 2 sealed puzzles: UPDATE: Sold 1 of them fro 18.99
  • Miazaki Spirited Away puzzle (I took a chance that it was all there). UPDATE: Sold for $15
  • LG Fridge filers. I didn’t know what these were until I was able to finally read the label several days later. I thought it was a jewelry retail box or something. UPDATE: Sold for $12.50
  • Phase 10 (sealed)
  • several books for the kids (or to sale at the JBF sale)
  • 2 Cub and Star Scout promotion cards from the 1950s. (I will need to do some more research before I Ebay them). UPDATE: Sold the Eagle Scout card for $11.00
  • A metal souvenir gate from Buckingham palace (I think). Need some more research. Turns out it was a Dept 56 gate. Listed it.
  • A windup tin toy (I think the gears are broken tho).
  • Sealed Rummikub game
  • Foam stickers for the kids
  • Several kid sale toddler-type toys
  • Some random animal and misc toys.
  • A couple of Lincoln Log parts
  • A few Duplo pieces
  • A food container (the Spirograph parts went in there).
  • A sound recorder project box. UPDATE: Wouldn’t work anymore.
  • One of Chris’ Bouncy Balls (get your mind out of the gutter).
  • A Star Projector (parts missing but the main film is there).
  • Heigh Ho Cherry Oh game
  • A Mandalorian wooden picture (just a couple of very small scratches). Went in the garage.
  • Magic Trick set (for the kid’s sale).
  • My traditional must finds of a Fisher Price little person and a big feet Imaginex figure.
  • An empty tactical type box originally for a flashlight
  • A Stanley Fat Pack (a large suitcase type thing for tools).
  • A old Show and Tell DC Superhero record (it was broken!) Boo.
  • A couple of plug timers (you plug stuff in and can have it turn on/off by timer).

There you go. Actually (if everything sells on Ebay and JBF) this will have been a very profitable trip. Lots of great small items.

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Incase you found this post first, here is a video of this haul:

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