Goodwill Bins Haul 10/22/21

Woohoo! Here we are again. It’s been six months since my last dental appointment in Fort Worth so I took the opportunity to visit the bins afterwards. It’s only a few miles away.

I spent the first 30 minutes finding NOTHING. I was really feeling bad about my finds but things picked up quickly and I ended up with the usual basket full of stuff. My total was 35 lbs ($59.15). Here’s what I found:

  • Several Brain Quest card packets (to sell at JBF) – UPDATE – Sold at JBF $6
  • Ghost in the Shell Bluray
  • Some Golden Books for the kids
  • Iron man mask (the kids loved the Black Panther one I got a while back)
  • Some random toys
  • A couple of Paw Patrol vehicles and a Octonaughts vehicle
  • Someone’s vacation slides
  • Some stamp kits (to sell at JBF)
  • Tiddlewinks game
  • Penguin Pileup game
  • Buckaroo! game
  • Wood shapes (to sell at JBF)- UPDATE – Sold at JBF $10
  • A barbie Corvette
  • A couple of kids books
  • Several baby/toddler toys (for the JBF sale)- UPDATE – Sold at JBF (Various $)
  • A couple of cheap Walmart military toys for the kids to play with in the backyard
  • A Russ Patootie Plush – UPDATE: Sold for $4
  • A 35 pc. colored pencil roll up canvas set – UPDATE – Sold at JBF $6
  • 2 ‘big feet’ guys: Batflek and another Hulk
  • A 90s ‘vintage’ Masked Rider figure – UPDATE ā€“ Sold on Ebay in a Power rangers lot
  • 2 pack new, cat litter Genie bag refill (probably the only thing that will make any money in this haul)
  • A playschool xwing
  • 2018 Minnie Mouse Halloween stuffed animal and Five Nights at Freddie’s stuffed animal- UPDATE – Sold Freddie’s stuffed for $10
  • Some Duplo pieces
  • Response remote

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