Audio Show: 02-05-99

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     Miguel and Chris take us on an adventure to Stop and Go where they freak out the cashier, making her think they are: undercover sneaks from corporate? or just a couple of freaky weirdos? You be the judge! They also discuss Miguel’s love of the movie Cobra. Other topics include expensive milk, popular music, Even more Y2K.      Chris flips out and goes into spasms or something and yep, you guessed it, Y2K. Chris reads some fan email for their TV show, or is it? They also read THE email…The email that could give them their 15 minutes of fame!!!! Miguel makes late night prank calls to New York executives while Chris makes fun of his job and risks firing.
     Miguel and Chris discuss why they had a falling out. Miguel’s unfair use of Boarders Books, his hots for roaming folk artists, the speed of time, his long lost friend, and the show wraps up in a giggle fest.
     Chris and Miguel discuss Y2k (again), Chris’ plot to get Miguel a new truck (well, sort of). Miguel also goes into a lengthy discussion about his idol: Steven Spielberg.  

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