Audio Show: 1-29-99

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

  Kim’s discovery of Miguel having whacked off earlier, Freud and penis envy and rape fantasies, a former co-worker of Chris who shot his girlfriend and then himself, George Michael and Nathan Lane coming out in the pages of The Advocate, Hasslehorse, Drew Carey as Dilbert.      Miguel’s Morrisey impression, James Van Der Beek as Anakin retraction, a Morrisey song, r&b artists singing over every part of a song, pop divas and Laura Brannigan, celebrities online, web mergers and the privatization of the internet, FBI worries.
     Y2K dilemma and their attempts to hide their illegal stuff from  the feds, fiction writers, wildly skewed views of world history, a pig  named Babe, Chris’ fear of “Post Office Box Stalkers” and his non-stop erections!
     Beauty, more Y2K. Chris thrills us with his tale of dangerous road conditions. Miguel and Chris also discuss the death of 80s rock bands and working on their T.V. show, raving tyrants aimed at local entertainment magazines and their failure to give them their 15 minutes of fame! (the first few seconds of the audio is kinda bad).

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