Goodwill Bins Haul 11/7/22

So getting down to Fort Worth to the bins has basically become a twice yearly thing. My dentist is about 10 minutes from there so it has become the tradition to go there after a dental checkup. This month I am getting to go twice because me and the wife went on my Birthday a few days later (more to come on that). Anyway, I didn’t find all that much this time and yes… the usuals were there… man, what a life to sit at the bins all day. I’d jump out the window! Anyway this stuff cost me $37.

  • A couple of books for the kids and a couple to resell at the kids sale (JBF)
  • A Bob Ross book for myself
  • The original Winny The Pooh series of books. I am interested in reading these (and reading them to my kids).
  • A rather cheaply sculpted Iron Man mask (the kids LOVE dressing up as superheros)
  • a couple of toddler toys for the JBF sale
  • Some miscellaneous toys (the Pegasus one is from Safari Ltd and is pretty nice) for the kids
  • 5 miniature crates of Coca Cola. Seems insignificant but those can go for 10 or so bucks on line. UPDATE – Sold on Ebay $15
  • A Polly Pocket toy for my littlest (she really likes those)
  • A mask with a flashlight on it. Kids love masks!
  • Some fancy edge craft scissors. Will keep them for now, maybe sell them later.
  • Knife sharpener. The older I get, the more appreciative I get of sharp knives in the kitchen.
  • The paper goods out of talking version of Clue. I think I have all I need for that but I thought it couldn’t hurt to have some extra cards for it. Now that I think about it, I think I am missing some of the building facades. Darn it, I could have grabbed those too!
  • A German game by Haba called The Hidden Key. It is multi-languae and it was all there, so I grabbed it. Not going for much online but it looks like something I can play with my oldest, maybe sell later.
  • My fun find was Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. It is a Disney Parks drink holder that lights up (when I changed the batteries). Not worth the trouble to sell (right now) but it displays nicely.

See, not much time time.

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