Do I Feel Good About 2024?

by Chris McGinty

I figure I’ll write something positive for today since the last couple of days have been so bleak… I think. What did I write on Monday? Either way, it’s 2024. I’m not sure if this will be a good year or not. It might be the greatest ever. It might be the worst ever. It might be slightly better than 1983 but somehow not as good as 1642. Wild times.

I have an idea of what I’d like to accomplish this year, but my goals sometimes have the tendency to change by the minute, so we’ll see. I do know that for now I want to write some amazing blog posts this year. I want thought-provoking, often funny, seemingly daily masterpieces (even though it’s possible there should only be one masterpiece, does anyone know the rule about that?) that are well-constructed and… hmm. This 4=10 puzzle and logic app looks kind of neat. I’m going to go download that. See you tomorrow.

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