Tricking your mind (seriously)

So I’m driving to the post office today and I live the in country (East Texas) so the roads kinda look the same (big trees on either side of the road).

On my way back I starting thinking about this episode of MASH I was watching last night. The one where Hawkeye looses his eyesight for the majority of the episode and starts seeing the beauty of the unseen world. He begins to experience the world in a different way.

Back to driving… so I think to myself, how had would it be for me to be driving North and trick my brain into thinking I am driving South? You may have done this to yourself in the past (unintentionally)… you are going somewhere and at some point suddenly you realize you thought you somewhere completely different (the scenery confused you momentarily).

Try it. You have to work on it a bit, but you start to think to yourself what you know to be untrue. Since you are using your eyes, you can pull it off. For a moment your brain accepts the facts you keep trying to convince yourself of. You feel it (the best way I know how to describe it). It feels freaky.

What’s the point? I guess it is to experience something new. We are creatures of habit and influence. I’m trying to find new ways to look at the world. A recent (and overused) term for this would be a ‘hack’ (blech).

BTW, did I ever mention the time I watched too much MASH and it started to mentally affect me? Read about it here.

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