Flash Fiction: The First Snow of the Year… and Possibly the Last

by Chris McGinty

It was the first snow of the year. The kids were super excited to get out and play in the white blankety goodness. They laid on their backs and made snow angels. They threw snowballs at each other. They even discussed starting a business shoveling driveways. Then they decided to build a snowman.

Choose the happy ending or the horror ending.

Happy ending – They built the snowman and wished for it to come alive, but it never did. They were so disappointed, but then mom came out and took a picture of the snowman with her phone. The kids played for a while longer until mom called them inside for hot chocolate and a video she made where their snowman danced on screen. The kids loved it.

Horror ending – They built the snowman and wished for it to come alive, so the youngest child sliced his wrist just enough to drip blood on the snowman. They chanted Satan’s name in worship until they saw the snowman start to move. They were amazed and happy that their dark lord was with them. What they didn’t know was that they summoned a demon who inhabited the snowman, and was opposed to the reign of Satan. The snowman grabbed an axe and beheaded each of the evil children. Then mom came out to call the kids in for hot chocolate. Before she could even scream at the sight, the axe was lodged in her skull.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who is a wonderfully optimistic person who loves winter and children -or- a demented psychopath who takes out his hatred of cold weather in fictional characters.

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