The Snow Meh-orm of 2024

by Chris McGinty

Yesterday, I was like your sprzt reporter, so today I’m going to be like your weatherman. I’ll be consistent in that in neither case will I be helpful for you.

I wrote a flash fiction piece last night based on the fact that it was snowing. I think the idea sort of came from the trend-ish of making horror movies out of public domain characters that are usually associated with feel good stories. I thought about Frosty, and since Wendy’s was closed, I realized I was thinking about Mr. the Snowman.

That’s really just to lead into more of a light dusting kind of blog post where there aren’t any heavy drifts that result into deep substantial accumulation of information or entertainment. I just want to discuss what was snow, but not so much a snowstorm. It’s just cold here in Texas, and maybe the roads are worse than I know because I haven’t left the house, but when I looked out anything that fell last night seemed to have melted.

I hope this is it for the “crazy” winter weather. I get that it’ll get cold and everything, but I’m not a fan of all the ice and stuff. Texans already don’t know how to drive, so I’m to the point that I just won’t even get out. I’ve driven in bad weather. It’s not fun. I just don’t know what to do about everyone else on the road.

Anyway, all this happened on a federal holiday anyway, so it wasn’t all that interesting of a day anyway.

Chris McGinty is a blogger who spends enough time on the road that he really wishes he didn’t have to share it with… I was going to say bad weather, but really all the people can stay home too.

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