Flash Fiction: The Last Trip

by Chris McGinty

The driver pulled up expecting, well, not really expecting as much as hoping, his rider would be there. He was probably still inside. He would be out soon. Just because it would have been nice for him to be ready…

He sent a message letting the rider know he was there and waiting. He didn’t hear back immediately, but when he did the message read, “Get out of your car and walk away.” This felt reasonable.

He put the car into park. He undid his seat belt. He grabbed the small zip up case that he kept his lunch in. Then he got out of the car.

He walked away from the car. He was maybe going home or on a religious pilgrimage. It didn’t matter. His spirit had outgrown the car. He had somewhere else to be.

Chris McGinty is a flash fiction writer who could see that road that he walked on was paved in gold…

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