Not Written By AI, Sort Of

by Chris McGinty (sort of)

I wrote a blog post yesterday using quotes and Google Translate. It was like writing out a brainstorming session as a blog post rather than a means by which to spur an idea. I did write the flash fiction piece from yesterday before the blog post, so the blog post didn’t inspire that story.

I wrote a blog post about how I’m not going to use AI to write my material, but I did leave the option open as long as I let you know what I’m doing. I’m not using AI today, but I’m going to use software. Like yesterday, I’m going to use cut up software and Google Translate. I’m using as a base of small samples of writing from Seth Godin, “Lord” Brian Tracy, a Reddit thread, an article on simplilearn, and one of my own blogs. I will sue myself, but then settle out of court after giving myself a hand job. Let’s see how this goes…

… ok. Maybe I’ve over estimated this technique. I got some reasonable thoughts yesterday. I thought that if I used a whole bunch of different productivity articles that it would have to come out with something close to a productivity article. Instead, here is a sentence that I got in the first paragraph: Menstrual clothes can use the gold and food claim.

Ok. New tact. I’m going to put some of this together and choose some of the more coherent sentences. and maybe a few more weird ones and just put them below.

20 Odd Thoughts from Cut Up and Reassembly with Google Translate

  1. What other problems does the new standard bring that people couldn’t solve before?
  2. Work or study from home, but independently.
  3. What is the truth?
  4. If extremely urgent, please submit your letter later.
  5. Eisenhower’s voice, from bottom to top, was open to the ups and downs of life or the changes to come.
  6. Look, I totally agree with the answers in your article.
  7. Small gestures of important people.
  8. I make this list while wearing glasses.
  9. He answers that we are wrong. How do you answer? If you answer, try something good
  10. Project software works efficiently.
  11. Matrix transfer should never be a difficult task.
  12. Me not sure what the sun and noise mean.
  13. I am so small that I am very striking.
  14. There is a good word that is hungry.
  15. The avatar isolates whoever moves to respond.
  16. Create your users tomorrow
  17. This happens in situations where you can no longer function effectively.
  18. Continue saving the pyramids with the product key needed to replace your TV.
  19. The same goes for airplanes.
  20. If you have ideas for the day, contact us

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