Flash Fiction: When the Boosts Count the Most

by Chris McGinty

Things have never been better. This statement allows for a few things going wrong. I know these things are real problems, but I’m in denial. My life is like a country song, as they say, and that would count for anyone as a downvote, but they’re the types to get down in the dumps. They are prone to crashes. There is nothing like that in my spirit. This is not a mask I’m wearing. It is…

It is a bunch of shit, and fuck it if I am down and out. I’m an alcoholic, my wife left me Oxford comma and I’m ready to quit my job. If I have to spend one more day at that place… I’m stopping this facade. I’m tired of tasks. I will not get over her. I no longer do mornings. I’m a deadbeat with nothing to accomplish. I am the kind of guy who never works. I need a boost of spirit. This is the time when it will count the most.

The platform is too lazy to accept difficult messages. You need a good answer. Expand. Ask basic questions. The fourth man will be an example. He will be proud of the year. He will do it. He will lead the way. Nothing to say. They probably arrived with the joint. Friday around three o’clock, when the boosts count the most.

Chris McGinty is a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian*, if that last thought works. I stick to the style, yes I promise that I “expressed my voice”.

* this is definitely not true

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