Flash Fiction: Not Sick

by Chris McGinty

He couldn’t say why, but he felt sick. When you’re on a boat, is it always motion sickness? He didn’t want to vomit. He wanted to be back on land, but didn’t think that would help.

He went to the first aid and got an anti-nausea pill. How long would it take to work? He laid on his back and tried to let the sickness pass.

As he closed his eyes, the world around him felt like dizziness. It was as though he was falling through the world unable to hit the ground. There was a buzz filling his head. It acted as a white noise blocking out the world’s true sound. It was a barrier between his mind and all true sense. If he was in the water being attacked by a shark, he would not even know it.

There was a thought just then and it was the one answer. It was the thing that explained existence. It was all knowledge unlocked. Then there was a voice. It said, “You have always known this. You will always know this. You will never be able to access this part of your brain while you’re in your right mind.”

He promptly forgot everything he had just known.

The buzz faded and he could hear the wind, the boat, the water. He stopped falling, but rather than hitting the ground, he was simply stable and laying on his back again. He felt better now. He could stand again. He could walk without feeling nauseous. Everything was fine.

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