Hello Blog Readers (aka Hi Nathan)

by Chris McGinty

I’m going to tell you the truth. I’m really not sure if I want to keep going at the pace I’ve been going at, except that I think I’m just about past all the stuff that has been making it hard to keep up with daily writing. In that way, I’m not sure that I want to stop the pace. I think that I’ll be getting into better writing going forward.

This is why I often talk about hating streak habits. When it becomes difficult to keep up the habit the work often becomes bad. It’s why I was reluctant to make part of it posting. I was of two minds. The first was to write one blog and one short story each day, but only post if I thought it was worthwhile. The other was to post even if it sucked. Still not sure what the right call is on that. I really thought I’d be a little ahead on at least the blog writing by now though. I’m going to get some writing time tomorrow though. Seth Godin is known for really short blog posts, so it’s not surprising that I’m ending up doing some.

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