Flash Fiction: The Mountain

by Chris McGinty

Two people stood on a hill, looking around them, trying to see as much as they could see. It was a lot, but it wasn’t quite enough. They wished they had a mountain they could stand on, but since they wanted to see the area around them going to a far off mountain would do no good.

They decided the mountain needed to be where they stood so they could see their surroundings in their present location. They started to dig. It took them a long time, but it worked in an odd way. The more they dig the higher the elevation and the deeper the valley forming around them. The mountain and the valley formed at the same rate.

After a long time and a hard effort they had their mountain and they stood on top. They looked everywhere. They realized that they knew every part of what surrounded them. Standing on the mountain gave then no new perspective, because everything they could see was land that they had worked to get the mountain in the first place.

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