The Next Step Perhaps

by Chris McGinty

Well, hello blog people. I’m still in this perpetual not quite caught up zone. I really need a full day to just write and not have anything else to do. I miss putting together the fun blog posts that take me a couple of hours to write and post. I just haven’t had that much time lately.

Don’t get me wrong. I probably have an the time in the world, but I don’t use it correctly. I think about this often that if I had a certain time every day scheduled for writing, the way that I sometimes have to be at jobs, that everything else would just have to happen in the free time around the writing. That habit is proving harder to start than I want. I’m so used to employment jobs taking up the bulk of my time that I still default to wanting to be out delivering or something.

I end up not having a much time as I’d like to create these posts. So that’s the next stage of my new habits. I’ve always written in spare time around all other obligations. I need to start making the writing the obligation and do everything else around it.

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