Flash Fiction: Fan Fiction

by Chris McGinty

The really well known character did some stuff that was mostly in character, until around the time they acted out of character. This happened roughly around the time that two other things happened. The first is that the well known character met what was clearly a self insert character and thought they were amazing. Everything about them was great. They were attractive (everybody said so), they were smart (everybody said so), and they were so highly skilled (everybody couldn’t keep up). The second is that the best friend character also liked the self insert character, I mean everybody did. This led to them having a falling out that could only be fixed when two things happened. The first is that the self insert character saved the day and moved up in society, thus moving away and out of the story. The second is when the really well known character and the best friend character uncharacteristically made love together in a somewhat needlessly graphic way. And they all lived happily until the next fan fic.

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