A fully dictated and unedited blog post

By Chris McGinty

Okay so like it has gotten so bad in terms of me trying to get things done daily that I’m going to actually do something now which is that I’m going to do an entire blog post in the dictation app and I am not even going to edit it so there will probably not be a whole bunch of commas and. The reason why this is the case is because when I drive I don’t look at the screen when I am doing the dictation which means that I can’t quality check what it actually does so if there are any sort of weird sentences in here and he sort of anything where I end up like you know showing my allegiance to any sort of weird terrorist groups or anything like that it is because of the damn app and not me okay I I have no interest in terrorist groups that whatsoever not even really like in terms like I mean I don’t know I guess maybe they’re interesting that they exist or whatever but I mean I have no interest in Joy anyone we’ll just put it that way so anyway that’s what I’m talking about it’s like you know I’m not editing that it’s like if it just told me that I am part of some sort of like you know weird terrorist group that’s trying to actually like destroy the mining belts of of Jupiter or whatever then you like you know see I just completely took it away from anything sort of on world so that it doesn’t sound like him actually for terrorist groups but you never know what it might have actually done anyway so here’s the point okay the point is is that I was thinking about this today I I’ve been really inserted this bad position lately where it’s just I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to get myself to actually sit down and do the writing that I need to do it’s almost as if that now that I have sort of this this you know this sort of like okay all I have to do is get one blog post done and one short story which can be flash fiction done it’s almost as though I’m just doing the bare minimum every day and I’m just kind of putting it off to the last minute anyway so I really got to thinking today about the whole thing about actually doing 8 hours a day you know 5 days a week doing like actual writing you know basically doing a full-time job as writer you know that I just don’t have to get paid for but that’s sort of irrelevant one of the flaws of that whole sort of idea is that there are people who show up for 40 hours a week at regular jobs and don’t really actually work that entire time I mean I was usually pretty good about it staying busy at work because it made time go by quicker but if it’s just me sitting in front of a computer it’s like you know I can just kind of sit there and stare all I want it doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily going to get anything done but at the same time I do know this is that if I do sort of put myself in front of the computer I tend to get a lot more done than what I normally would do if I’m just kind of writing things down as I go along and taking notes so basically what I’m saying is that I’ve got one part of this whole sort of thing in place which is that I’m doing one a day of both of these two things but the next part of it which is just actually sitting down and scheduling time to work on these things so that I can write better quality blog post and better quality short stories that’s the part that needs to be done next that’s the new habit that I need to start building I’ll repeat it again because I do think it’s kind of really sort of important because there’s so many different reasons why I hate streak habits but I’ve noticed this at every time that I sort of do a streak habit I will try to basically do the bare minimum and I often put it off to the last minute it’s really not a good it’s not a good look it’s not a good way of actually dealing with things it’s not a good way of actually getting things done and making quality work so anyway I really hope that somehow that decide this dictation app did a better job of you know getting things down than it normally does it’s sort of a combination of a couple of things basically the first thing is that you know sometimes it doesn’t understand me because I don’t speak clearly enough and other times it just doesn’t pick up what I said properly and sometimes it just really comes down to that whatever it thinks that I was saying is like something that when it comes back from like the Internet it’s like oh hey you know you you said something and it happens to also be the title of something so I’m going to capitalize the whole thing or or maybe even you said something that you know just sounds like some other colloquialism is pretty common and I’m just going to put that in there zebra price again piss him on the machine that that last part I just basically said zebra Sprites and then started just talking a whole bunch of nonsense that was kind of fun I’m going to do it again but this time I’m going to use the term willow Happy’s so happy 🙂 Okay the problem is is that I can’t edit so I’m just going with that it is just going to have to happen because I can’t actually edit this cuz I said I wouldn’t edit this so I have no idea what just happened but Willow happy so what happened okay we’ll go with that even though I spoke for like 5 Seconds anyway experiment this was an interesting experiment hopefully the last of its kind because hopefully I take myself seriously about trying to go and actually sitting down and putting some time into the work that I’m doing I have sort of a basic idea here which is that there are certain number of hours each day that I can do one of two things I can either do something where I’m actually making an hourly wage or I can write else I won’t get any writing done but I’ll make a whole bunch of money that would be a whole bunch for me because it really nothing that I actually do as a wage job really brings in that much money cuz you know it’s like I’ve said many times especially when it comes to the street habit I can change my mind at any point if I just don’t feel like doing it anymore it is kind of kept me going so far is that I’m actually somewhat fascinated by like you know the things that I’m coming up with to do in order to get these things in on time but I’m also going to get very tired of that really quickly I’ve come up with some interesting ideas but I just really hate this the super short form that I’ve been doing not that this is super short form this is really long because it’s like I’m actually spending the time between going to one Kroger and going to another Kroger you know because like the first Kroger didn’t have anything that I wanted so I’m going to the other Kroger so I’m basically spending the time in between Krogers doing this whole talking thing and I just decided that I would go ahead and do it from when I basically left the parking lot of one and got to the parking lot of the other I’m almost there now but what I’m trying to say is that you know this is this is sort of a longer form of what I was sort of complaining about being too short for him and it really just kind of comes down to yes I’m kind of interested in what I come up with in order to try to get things in on time but I just really don’t want to keep doing that I just I just really want to actually start producing some quality work and for that it’s going to actually require that I actually spend some time and if that means it you know I don’t get to do as much stuff as I want to do then whatever I’ll just have to schedule around it anyway that’s it for today

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