Flash Fiction Nabbling to a Dictation App

By Chris McGinty

It’s time to babble.

About somebody to get back in the Bible Thomas shimmy Timmy again. I should listen and I guess I should message me tomorrow. How’s everything going to get something. Call Sam Vanson Kansas Driver Association. Hudson Boulevard America he’s trying to help you.

Did the Mississippi Peter Pan to send it better schedule I got me some money wants to be there sonoma? Rhode Island I’ll give you guys welcome. I see you again did you get the answer you want to come home. bovada please I’ve been sitting outside temperature. I didn’t even said one minute soundtrack I’ll be in Albany.

Medina yesterday pretty sure yeah I’m sure my Gmail password mother how do you remember now. I’m down down down down battlefield. Hello hello 0aradise City digital Hotel garage. So what does Yahoo download activities downtown Chicago for sure tomorrow. Did you ever did you do today how old is about you know Nevada desert Adventure definition.

Obama relatively distribution 3D rock Chevys. 15 minutes how about number seven stupid. Too bad about stupid ass 777 send it send me some assume. I see you get it back instead of here I’ll talk about that.

That was me saying nothing.

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