Oh, You Mean It Is an Election Year

by Chris McGinty

I guess for four years ago, it was late into February before I started giving a shit about but presidential election, so maybe my apathy just doesn’t really ring true at this point. I’m all about being informed and educated, so I have a feeling that by the time things really get going as far as all that’s concerned that I’ll start having some sort of opinion.

As of right now it just doesn’t really seem to matter to me all that much. I suppose that if I try to keep up doing a blog post each day and we have 366 days this year thanks to the leap year that just out of desperation for something to write about that I’ll start caring.

I do think that it’s kind of weird we may very well have the same election as we did last time. The problem is that there are certain people who believe that it might be different this time, but those are people who believe that it was different last time. What I mean is that some people still actually believe that the results were different than reported last time. Iguess it makes sense that those people are trying to get the same person who lost to run again.

Let me just kind of frame this up to where people might understand it. In 2008, Hillary Clinton tried to primary and get in and lost to Barack Obama. Given that she had name recognition and Obama was a relative unknown at the time, it should have been pretty clear not to run her in 2016. I’m not sure why people thought that she was the best choice.

I feel like that same thing is happening here again, but this time with the different party, where it’s been shown pretty consistently that he’s not going to win if he runs but they still seem to want to slot him in as somebody who actually could do it.

I think what I’m saying is that I might actually become interested in the election if there’s actually something to be interested in. At least as of right now barring anything major happening, this year just really isn’t very interesting.

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