Research: A Thing People Should Do

by Chris McGinty

I’ll get into it a little more in future blog posts, but I recently had some time to think about how research should be done for bigger projects. It’s more of a concept of how to build longer projects on a consistent basis, but it’s something that interests me right now.

I think part of the reason I’m thinking about it is because I think that with the rise of video essays that this kind of work is maybe at an all time high. It’s also possible that it’s at the most lazy. It seems that a lot of the research done for video essays is other video essays on the subject. It’s entirely possible that because of this there may be bad facts that are getting repeated over and over.

I wrote a blog post once about how I feel that we should be a little more intentional about how we collect quotes. That wherever possible if we can get a quote directly from a source that it’s probably better. Perhaps along those same lines, we should be doing proper research. Between the internet to social media to AI there is likely to be a perfect storm of misinformation and disinformation. If humans are to survive, we need to be in the side of true, factual, and reasonable information.

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