Boring Days

by Chris McGinty

I think that I’m ready for the year to get started for real. It would seem like a month would be enough to kick things off, but it still doesn’t feel like anything yet. I’m still just waiting for that moment that it feels like something interesting is happening. People keep asking me what’s new and if anything interesting has been going on in my life and the simple answer is that it’s been pretty much the same. Deliver food to people and find some time to write.

It’s not all bad. I think January went relatively smoothly. I’m not looking for anything extreme or overwhelming. That’s not what I’m saying. I think I just want to feel like I have more time. It feels like the day is ending just as it was supposed to start.

I think things are moving in a productive direction. I’m getting some things done that have needed doing for a while. I’m probably going to set some goals soon. Until then, I have some writing to do.

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