I Guess I’m Going to Write a Screenplay

by Chris McGinty

So if there is a reason for me to finally lose this little streak habit it will be that over the next ten days I’ll be working on a screenplay.

I was talking to Miguel the other day and he told me about something where they’re taking screenplay submissions. Sounds like it’s more of a big deal kind of thing than other contests we’ve ever entered. I’ll have to throw down some links to “contest week” when I get a chance to edit this post. This means whatever we write needs to be good, so I hope we’re at that level.

I feel like I need the rough draft done in about ten days, so we the ability to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and a chance to start over with a new screenplay if this one doesn’t work.

We’re starting with Miguel’s existing idea that he’s spent some time with, so at least from that perspective we might be good. At least he’s worked out some of the issues in his mind already. So we’ll see what this means for the streak habit. At least as of today, I’ve managed to get this done.

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