A Lame Uber Delivery and a New Hope (title is basically clickbait)

I’m out doing Uber Eats. I took one of those deliveries that I regret taking afterwards. It’s one of those that goes so far out from civilization that you don’t get another order to get yourself back to civilization until you’ve almost driven all the way back anyways. When I got to the order pick up location it turned out that there was a 15-minute wait on the order. The pickup location was so close to Miguel’s house that I halfway thought about texting him,”Hey do you want to drive out to Azle with me to drop off an Uber delivery?” I had 15 minutes before the order was ready to go get him. The problem is that it was a bit too late at night. By the time we got back he would be regretting it.

The big mistake that I made with this order is that I presumed that the amount that it was offering was pre-tip, but as it turns out Uber was really paying me shit to do that order. On top of that when I got to the order drop off location the house looked so dark that I wouldn’t be half surprised if the pizza doesn’t sit out there all freaking night and then they wake up in the morning it’ll be like, “Oh, I didn’t get my pizza because it sat out here all night.” It’s cool out but I don’t think that it’s cold enough to properly chill a pizza all night. Hopefully they got their pizza and they enjoyed it. If at least that’s the case then I guess I’ll just take it as taking one for the team. Otherwise, I absolutely hate the fact that I did that order.

The only final bit that I want to add to this is that on my way back out I drove down a street called New Hope Road. For that reason alone Miguel should have gone with me. Sure, I didn’t actually text him to ask him if he wanted to go, but since he wouldn’t have gone anyway, it’s not my fault. It’s his.

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