February 9, 2024. Another Lame Post

You know here’s the thing about today. I actually did quite a bit of blog writing, but all for something I’m going to post on Sunday, so I’m ending up doing another last minute thing here.

I was going to go out and do Uber Eats tonight, but I’m thinking about taking a night to do a bunch of writing. I’m in the right mindset for it and if I if I can do that then it’s like I might be able to sort of get back ahead. Thing that I just kind of got to realize though the thing that I got to worry about is that getting a few blogs ahead doesn’t actually fix the problem because the thing is I still need to write one every day we’re all end up just squandering the lead that I have. Which means that I could very easily just find myself writing stuff like this again. I’m going to avoid that if possible.

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