Test Blog #3: Embed ‘n’ Breakfast

Hello ever’one. It’sChris. You may remember me from Test Blog #1, Test Blog #2, and I Was a Teenage Test Blog.

I’m back to do some more blog testing.

I’m just saying we know who has the Test-ees around here.

That may or may not have been a blue balls joke. I apologize if it was.

I’ve wanted to do video reviews for a while now. My thought has been to go through videos that I’ve watched on YouTube and give my thoughts on them. I’ve run into a couple of basic problems. The first is time. I have a lot of thoughts on videos that I dictated into an app while I was at work, but that’s a bunch of stuff that I have to go through and edit. The second is that I haven’t been able to get the embed feature to work the way I need it to. When we were on Blogger, I could set a video to start wherever I wanted it to. I can’t seem to get it to work on WordPress. I had also learned how to start a video at a specific place and then end it at another specific place, which won’t be happening if I can’t figure out the more basic form of doing so. Maybe I should go work on that now. This could be test post #3 if I can get things working.

So the problem that I’ve run into is that if you copy/paste the reg’lar ol’ embed code, it’ll do it no prollem. But if you click on the feature “Start at 1:02” it copies over like this and that’s what it looks like when you preview the post. Basically, it’s not embedded.


So you’ll note below that I seem to have gotten this video to work starting at 1:02. Now I just have to remember how I did it.

If you click on the video, it should start at 1:02 and then play through to the end.

  1. I clicked on the + and chose YouTube as what the block would be. I just directly put the video link in without any sort of embed feature.
  2. I went back to YouTube and got their embed code after clicking on start at 1:02.
  3. I went to the block where I embedded the video and chose “Edit as HTML.” I cleared the code that was in there and pasted the embed code including the start at 1:02 instructions.
  4. It argued with me and said “This block contains unexpected content,” so I clicked Convert to HTML. It doesn’t show up in the draft as an embedded video, but if you preview it, it does. And it starts at 1:02.
  5. Now I need to go look up the way that you edit the time that it starts and the time that it ends, and see if I can get that to work the same way.
  6. This is a link to the instructions that I used. The numbers indicate how many seconds, so you have to figure it out, like 1:02 should be 62 and 1:13 should be 73. So using this as they explain “start=___&end=___;” mine should look like start=62&end=73; I’ll try that below and see how it goes.

This time when you click on the video, it should play for 11 seconds and then rather abruptly cut off.

And there we go. I feel like I actually figured something out here. I do want to note what it actually looks like using the embed code from YouTube. It has the <iframe width=”560″ height=”315. Then on the next line it shows as src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/R3uE0Om-OcI?start=62&end=73″ frameborder=”0″ Then it goes from there, so there isn’t a semicolon at the end.

What I did is I set the video to where I wanted it to start. I clicked share on the video. It pulled up the box with all the sharing options. I clicked on the start at time checkbox and then I selected Embed. This is when it gave me the code. I just added &end= with the end time after the equal sign. I hope all of that is clear. If I ain’t med it clear, then I rightfully suggest that you is fixin’ to jus’ tinker with it the way jus’ did until ya finger it out. But I hope was helpful nonetheless.

Chris McGinty is a Blogger whose blue text is always bouncing to the left and to the right.

Oh, whatever. I apologize for whatever that was.

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